Wednesday, 25 March 2009

hmm..people people!!

kepimpinan pemuda bakal dipimpin oleh YB Rembau yg menang dgn undi post

silap2 kemenangan dia pon dgn cara yg sama gak kot

pe2 pon harap sgt dy dapat mencorakkan kembali kepimpinan pemuda

pihak satu lagi bila2 masa je bakal mengambil tampuk pemerintahan

buat keje btol k...

congrats 2 sharizat

2 kepimpinan baru dua sayap parti diharapkan dapt memastikan parti yang bakal terkubur ini berubah imejnya..

sbg rakyat nantikan sesuatu yg bakal membangkitkan semangat nasionalisme dalam beberapa saat sahaja..kejutan bakal berlaku

to be continued...

Monday, 16 March 2009


hahaha...x gler cukuuppppp///kah3..

huhu...epi gak la pas balik dr LAWATAN ILMIAH conducted by Pre LAw club...

malas la nak cte pasal mne kitowg pegi, coz korg pon bole g sendiri pny...

SEBUT la gak..LiBRary Kepimpinan, library PoJ, Library IIUM, and Library UM..

hah?? x kan library je???

hahah tu la hakikatnye...xpe la library pon kre melawat gak la...

tempat2 tambahan..McD seksyen3 SA, court n jail kat PoJ, Sunway Pyramid, MAIS pny wisma, kedai jual burger, kedai mamak, masjid Putra, SOUQ under masjid, pastu pe lagi ntah...ka3..

At first mmg la rse mcm mls nak g...
ne tak nye taw2 je bdk P1 yg g ak nagn Azri je..adoyai pe tah...
tp x kesa la ade je bdk2 part len yg ak rapat..
balik2 cluz je dh kna siap kol 6 plak tuh...pnat kowt, dah siap packing barang sume tros grak..pergh smpai2 je zack pggil ak then master hulur sekotak KFC..hahha lega gak r,...ahaaa,,RM 20 sekali wat beli pe tah...pastu g letak barang pastu taw2 je kat dlm bas dah x de tempat duduk..dua2 bas plak tuh..hmm,,xpe r gua mmg
kool gak la..agk bese la dok bwh dalam lagi otw g shah alam wat bese sudeyh,,, hmm,, pastu cm bese la dok dlm bas x kan tu pon nak cte.. brhenti kat simpang pulai budak2 pre law yg s**k ni berkejaran cari pe tah...ak pon folo la sekali pas bnda uh dlm tndas...hahah2 klaka gak tgk budak2 ni men keja2 g bli bnda tuh..

ak x kesa pon dok dlm bas tp diowg ni asyik dok pndang ak je..tu yg segan tuh...

seb bek ade aftal, yazid..hahah siap sggup tuka2 tmpat duduk ngan ak... nak harap rummate ak jgn harap la nak offer,,nme je rummate..bla la...patut nye ko yg kna dok bwh taw x???

HMM,x pela setiap perkara adalah suatu pengalamn..ak gembira dapt folow g lawatan ni untuk melihat corak kepimpinan yang ternyta agak menarik untuk diperkatakan..

smpai mais kol 12 lbey
grak kedai burger(McD under maintainance)
tido pada waktu yang best
bangkit pada waktu yang perit
gerak g YKPerdana dalam kesesatan
pergi sembahyang didalam limpahan rahmat
PoJ dalam keadaan yg semangat jaya,,

then pe lagi gua mls nak folo g sunway coz mls nak pegi,,sunway je pon
balik umah 5 jam
kol 11 smpai then lepak Mcd plak..
kol 2 tdo

gerak g UIAM
pastu lepak jap kat gombak ngan bdk2 part2 nek bas lambat plak uh
direct g UM (time crisis 3)
then kembali ke tempat asal lpak2 dulu kat R&R sg.buloh
pastu rosak la pe la,,,nk bg DD la aiyo...
smpai kol 11 someone dah tggu...

pe2 pon mmg njoy sgt la program ni next sem nearest high court HOPE bdk part1 ths sem JGN BUAT KEPALA BAJET TAHU,...sume org ade tugas msg2 la cmmon la nme budak Uni
buat la cara dah besar k>>>

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Politicians wife...

There is quite a difference between what Wan Azizah Ismail would like to do and what she knows she has to, and will, do. Ten years from now,for example, the 56-year-old would like “to imagine herself conducting a peaceful life and spending more time with her six children, grandchildren and relatives”. Yet she knows it is an unlikely scenario. “My husband will probably need help, and I have to do what is right for my country and for my husband.”That is, after all, what she has already done for over a decade, since she was forced to deputise for her husband – Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim. Mr Anwar returned to active politics last year after spending years in jail on what most people believe were politically motivated charges. He has since been elected to Parliament, taking over the seat in Penang’s Permatang Pauh constituency that Dr Azizah had won in three previous elections.And he is poised to officially take over the leadership of the People’s Justice Party, or Keadilan, of which Dr Azizah is chairwoman. The party has its roots in a non-governmental organisation she established in 1999 to fight for the release of her husband. These changes are welcomed by Dr Azizah. “It is what I prefer. I feel I have come full circle. I was the wife of a politician, then I became a politician, and now I am going back to being the wife of a politician. It is fine. I am first and foremost a wife and mother.” She also admits candidly, “I will never be as good a politician as Anwar. It is right that he takes charge”.
Things are not quite like that, though. Dr Azizah lacks Mr Anwar’s oratorical skills and, unlike her husband, who was a firebrand student activist in the 1970s, she never got into student politics.

Educated first at a Catholic school, then at an elite private school, she went to Ireland to study ophthalmology while still very young. In Dublin, Malaysian politics was never a concern and she never developed political ambitions nor much political acumen. Still, when forced to enter politics, she held her own, mostly thanks to a different set of qualities that turned her into an icon of the Reformasi movement that her husband had started. To most Malaysians, she is no longer simply Mr Anwar’s wife. The first thing that strikes one about Dr Azizah is her gentle demeanour. Bespectacled, frail-looking and with a pale complexion, she speaks softly and has rarely been seen angry. The second thing that strikes one is the strength of conviction those same softly spoken words carry. It is this combination that gained her wide trust and admiration. Gayathry Venkiteswaran, executive director of the Centre for Independent Journalism, explains Dr Azizah’s trajectory succinctly. “At the beginning, she was seen as [Malaysia’s answer to former Philippine president] Corazon Aquino, fighting the injustice inflicted upon her husband. But then she was able to use the platform provided by the party to raise the profile of democracy, justice and integrity on the national agenda. That’s something she should be recognised for.

“While awaiting Anwar’s release, Wan Azizah responded positively to civil society pressures and issues, and allowed for more of these to get highlighted. In so doing, for a while, she became the face of justice and democracy.” He is disappointed that Dr Azizah sacrificed her parliamentary seat for Mr Anwar, but Sim Kwang Yang, a former parliamentarian with the Democratic Action Party and now a prolific political writer, argues that vacating her seat does not mean
she will disappear. “She has been a towering figure; she will still be involved and continue to inspire.” Dr Azizah knows she is at a new juncture. And while questions about the future remain unanswered, she can now look back and assess what she has gone through, and Malaysia’s political situation. The toughest time, she said, was having to stay strong during Mr Anwar’s trials. He was arrested in September 1998, charged with corruption and committing sodomy with his wife’s chauffeur, Azizan Abu Bakar. When arrested, he had just been stripped of the position of deputy premier and was the de facto opposition to long-serving prime minister Mahathir Mohamed. In April 1999 he was sentenced to six years in prison for corruption and, in August 2000, to nine years for sodomy. The latter sentence was quashed in a 2004 appeal. Throughout the trials, Dr Azizah never doubted her husband’s innocence and provided an image of dignity, strength and stoicism. Among the reasons that pushed her to fight, she highlighted “the need for justice” and “the family’s honour”. Faith supported her in the darkest hours. “I had to stand for justice. Facing it all was the only way to show that it was all fabricated. But I also had to keep the family together, and safeguard the honour of my family. With their father away and humiliated, I had to be there for my children. This is something that I felt very strongly about,” she said. “But it was very difficult. I am only human and I did have moments of weakness. But Islam says that you will not be tested more than you can handle. This knowledge helped me. I knew I could stand it.” Those who know her say that Dr Azizah’s spirituality is a very private matter. The most outward sign of it is the glove on her right hand; she started wearing it when her political career forced her to shake the hands of many men, something not allowed in Islam.

As she grew into the position of opposition leader, Dr Azizah had to withstand divisions in the party, electoral disappointments and harassment from the government. The latter included attacks from then-information minister Mohamed Rahmat, who argued that she was “unfit to lead the Malays” since she had been “educated in Singapore” and had “Chinese blood”. Her maternal grandfather was from Malacca (now Melaka) and had Chinese forebears, while her mother was brought up in Singapore. Dr Azizah believes Malaysia is changing. “There is hope on the horizon,” she says. “Anwar’s arrest marked the start, rather than the end, of the campaign for reform. After that, we had some reforms for a while. Then, in 2004, the prime minister changed, but unfortunately the new premier [Abdullah Badawi] did not do much. So now we have another wave that is pushing for change. But this one is Wan Azizah Ismail, wife of Anwar Ibrahim stronger; it comes from the grass-roots.” In June, Mr Anwar’s former aide Saiful Bukhari Azlan accused him of sodomy. An arrest warrant was issued on July 15. “The new accusation of sodomy against Anwar is an attempt to stop this wave,” said Dr Azizah. “It shows that we have to work more, to work harder. Because whatever we have gone through, it has not yet resulted in the Malaysia we want.” Unsurprisingly, Dr Azizah believes Mr Anwar is the right man to lead the country. She says she is being “as objective as possible”. “I think Anwar is today the best the country can offer. Mahathir was good in the early days, but he later deteriorated. Abdullah has some qualities, but I’m disappointed with what he has done. Current deputy premier Najib Razak has too many skeletons in his closet, and I fear that, with him, Malaysia will return to the darkest days of Mahathirism.” Mr Najib is slated to take over from Mr Abdullah this month.
There have been attempts to link the deputy prime minister to the murder of a Mongolian-born model, Altantuya Shaariibuu. Mr Najib has denied any involvement and has sworn on the Koran that he never met Shaariibuu, 28. Dr Azizah says Mr Anwar has not changed much from the young man she met in 1978, soon after she returned to Malaysia from Ireland. She was working at a hospital in Kuala Lumpur when a mutual friend introduced them. She knew of Mr Anwar but had never met him. At that time, he was leader of Abim, a Muslim youth group, and he had set up Yayasan Anda, a foundation to train poor Malay youths. “He was already charismatic, a good orator and a principled man,” she said. The couple married in 1980, despite initial objections from Dr Azizah’s father, a former senior officer in the Malaysian Special Branch, a police agency which specialised in “psychological war” against the communists. He was unhappy with Mr Anwar’s 1974 detention under the Internal Security Act for allegedly being “pro-communist”. Mr Anwar served 20 months for that accusation. Once married, Mr Anwar joined the United Malays National Organisation in 1982 and began a meteoric political rise – helped, Dr Azizah said, “by his ability to relate to and connect with people, but hampered by his excessive trust in others, which caused him many problems”. These two sides of Mr Anwar’s personality are still present, she said. “I also still admire his strength to bounce back.”


Sunday, 8 March 2009

Rakyat 308!!!

Himpunan bukti rakyat sokong kerajaan negeri
Mohd Sabri Said
Sun | Mar 08, 09 | 12:03:25 pm MYT

GEORGETOWN, 8 Mac (Hrkh) - Himpunan rakyat sempena setahun pemerintahan Pakatan Rakyat Pulau Pinang yang diadakan di Padang Kota Lama semalam mendapat sokongan kuat masyarakat sekaligus memberi isyarat bahawa terlalu sukar untuk Barisan Nasional (BN) merampas kembali tampuk kuasa yang diamanahkan kepada gabungan tiga parti iaitu Parti Tindakan Demokratik (DAP), Parti Keadilan Rakyat Malaysia (KeADILan) dan Parti Islam Se Malaysia (PAS) yang memenangi pilihan raya umum ke-12 dengan penuh bergaya.

Kegusaran BN dan Umno nyata menjadi kenyataan apabila 8 Mac 2008 menjadi 'mimpi ngeri' mereka sejak berkuasa selama 51 tahun. Apa yang dibimbangi akhirnya terpalit kerana kepimpinan yang diharapkan membela rakyat akhirnya berlaku curang menekan hak rakyat, memeras keringat rakyat atau kata lain menjadi nada kepada golongan elit membuli rakyat bawahan secara terang terangan.

Detik hitam bagi BN dan Umno sukar di padam dari ingatan rakyat jelata setelah memberi mandat baru kepada Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat yang di lihat bersih daripada sebarang skandal kerana masing-masing merupakan parti yang didukungi oleh para kepimpinan yang menolak rasuah sejak awal-awal lagi.

Gejala rasuah sebenarnya yang meruntuhkan kepercayaan rakyat terhadap BN dan Umno.

Di mana gejala tersebut kini menjadi barah yang kronik dan tiada lagi ubat yang boleh menyembuhkanya melainkan bubar sahaja parti dalam komponan BN yang diterajui Umno dan sama-sama menyertai Pakatan Rakyat untuk membina negara ke arah yang lebih Cemerlang, Gemilang dan Terbilang sebagaimana yang diinginkan oleh Perdana Menteri, Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi sejak awal mendapat kuasa daripada tangan mantan Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Kemenangan lima buah negeri iaitu Kedah, Pulau Pinang, Perak, Selangor dan dapat mempertahankan Kelantan dengan kemenangan muklak membuktikan rakyat sudah muak dengan karenah yang dimainkan oleh kepimpinan BN.

Tempoh setahun pemerintahan Pakatan Rakyat khususnya di Pulau Pinang berjaya merubah beberapa pendekatan yang selama ini tidak difikirkan oleh kerajaan yang senantiasa mencari jalan membebani rakyat dengan kenaikan barangan seharian, petroleum, kadar tol dan seumpamanya.

Kenaikan demi kenaikan yang diumumkan oleh Kerajaan BN rupa-rupanya adalah bom tangan yang belum dilemparkan dan apabila dilemparkan ia memercik serta terkenalah sasaran utama sehingga terguling Kerajaan BN yang angkuh di beberapa buah negeri di Pantai Timur Semenanjung.

Bila berlaku peristiwa hitam itu Umno dan parti lain dalam BN bagaikan 'gila meroyan' kononnya mereka masih berkuasa sedangkan hakikatnya mereka kini pembangkang bukan lagi kerajaan sebagaimana sebelum itu.

Banyak harta benda kerajaan dirampas malahan bangunan Jawatankuasa Kemajuan dan Keselamatan Kampung (JKKK) yang dulunya menjadi tempat Umno berpaut tiba-tiba kosong daripada sebarang peralatan seperti meja, kipas angin, kerusi, papan kenyataan hatta penyapu semuanya di 'kebas' tanpa segan silu.

BN dan Umno sekarang ini bukan lagi kapal yang dipenuhi barangan yang belayar dengan sempurna di lautan luas tetapi sebuah kapal yang pecah di sana sini malahan ada yang berpendapat hampir karam setelah dilanda tsunami.

Setelah berjaya menguasai politik negara, lima buah negeri yag dimenangai Pakatan Rakyat melaksanakan pendekatan harmoni dengan rakyat umpamanya di Pulau Pinang walaupun berketua menterikan seorang berbangsa cina beragama Budha namun pengalamanya menjadi pembangkang membuatkan ramai yang suka cara pendekatan yang diatur.

Lim Guan Eng dalam ucapan terima kasih pada rakyat sempena himpunan setahun Pakatan Rakyat di Padang Kota Lama menyifatkan kejayaan sepanjang memerintah adalah buah tangan yang berharga untuk dimanafaatkan bersama rakayt keseluruhannya.

Antara kejayaan yang dikecapi ialah Kerajaan Negeri sanggup berkonfrontasi dengan pihak tertentu untuk mendapat manfaat yang wajar diterima anak Negeri Pulau Pinang seperti berkonfrontasi dengan MMC-Gamuda JV yang mana akhirnya syarikat tersebut membayar denda sebanyak RM4.2 juta kepada Kerajaan Negeri meliputi Jabatan Parit dan Saliran RM3,200,000.00 yuran tanah RM33,000 dan RM3,200 yuran perancangan.

Kerajaan Negeri juga katanya, dapat memjimatkan wang membaiki perkhidmatan Keretapi Bukit Bendera apabila melantik kontraktor yang menawarkan kos RM589,466.37 dalam masa dua bulan saja berbanding enam bulan yang dijanjikan oleh kontraktor lain.

Selain itu dapat menjimatkan RM500,000 bila mana membatalkan tempahan pembelian lima buah Proton Perdana untuk kegunaan exco.

Melaksanakan tender terbuka pada 11 Mac 2008 di mana katanya, waktu itu mendapat kutukan daripada Kerajaan Persekutuan.

Tiba-tiba Kerajaan Persekutuan sendiri terpaksa akur dengan cara tersebut apabila melaksanakan tender terbuka untuk pembinaan Jambatan Kedua Pulau Pinang.

Ada lagi usaha yang sedang rancak dibangunkan di sini umpamanya Wi-Fi percuma, pembasmian miskin tegar, Hub Halal, bantuan kebajikan kepada mangsa kebakaran banjir dan bencana dalam tempuh 24 jam, memberi nafas baru pada Komplek Tun Abdul Razak (Komtar) dan banyak lagi.

"Sebenarnya itulah yang dimahukan oleh rakyat bukan memimpin mereka dengan kekerasan di samping mengaut kekayaan ke kantung sendiri. Bila kerajaan baik rakyat akan memberikan kerjasama tanpa mengira keturunan, bangsa atau agama. Tengok bila BN dan Umno gagal melaksanakan tanggungjawab apa yang jadi, mereka di tolak dalam pilihan raya kelak, " tegasnya.

Selain beliau, turut berucap dalam majlis berkenaan ialah Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (Adun) Permatang Pasir, Haji Hamdan Abdul Rahman yang mewakili PAS.

Beliau menegaskan, jika ada kelemahan Kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat di Pulau Pinang rakyat diminta bersama membantu kerana pembentukan kerajaan baru setahun jagung.

"Marilah kita berikan sokongan tanpa berbelah bahagi kepada Pakatan Rakyat yang dipilih rakyat menggantikan BN yang terserlah dengan penyelewengan dan pembohongan, " terangnya.

Antara yang berucap lagi ialah Timbalan Ketua Menteri 1, Mohamad Fairus Khairudin, Timbalan Ketua Menteri 2, Profesor Dr Ramasamy, Exco Hal Ehwal Pengguna, Abdul Malik Abul Kasim, Exco Pelancongan, Law Heng Kiang, Exco Pertanian, Low Choo Kiang, Exco Kerajaan Tempatan, Chow Kon Yeow dan ramai lagi. - mks. _

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Kerusi Berkerat

Huh...bosan dan memang ternyata kebosanan yang dialami. Tp antara bosan2 yang pernah dialami bosan kali inilah yang agak menarik untuk dihayati.

Camne la boleh patah, ak rase ak duduk elok je..mesti ade bnda yang kacau ak nih..

Pastu order makan pon len macam, order punya order nasi kosong lah yang paling lambat sekali siap..

Pastu order bungkus pulak dah la klu nak ikutkan order bungkus tu kalau nak ikutkan extra namanya, tp bile dah order xtra ttbe je ade satu lagi xtra spe punya keje la tu yea...

cte plak pasal org yang kurg confident ni rse buang mase je ckp dgn diowg
yg sowg tu malu2 kucing
yg sowg lagi gelak2 je keje.
pastu yg sowg tu ntah pelik semacam je..
sowg lagi sibuk tutup telinga
yg sowg tu mmg focus gle...

pastu dah la masa nak balik tu rasa x sedap ati, rupanya apa yang dipanggil penggulungan awal betul2 mnenjadi..
kemudian ade plak orang sesak, knp bole sesak ak pon x taw.. mgkin datang dr penggulungan awal td kot..spe la yang buat tu yea

mmg btol la klu renggang mana sekalipon, seseorang tu mesti akan berbaik juga...
sma ada cpat atau lambat
sma ada ssah atau senang
sma ada kelaka mahupon x masuk akal..

pastu drpd penggulungan awal bole juga la dpt cerita yang sebenar, selalunya mesti dpt cerita sebelah pihak je ssah wOo nak prcaye.. ble dah dpt kedua2 pihak barulah middle man nmenye..
ak harap yg bangsa satu lagi tu dpt juga la pecahkan halangan sosial yang sedang dihadapi..

hari tengah2..
hmpir trlupa pasal keranda
ble check blik lepas lpak ngan ex-ketua asrama hamidianz rupe2 nye dah lbeh 100k
huhu, mmg berbaloi la..sume org dah nmpak bersatu..

masok plak kemudiannya,
ade men baling2 ade sorang je teruna yang len sume dah mmg sedia ada la..
tp yang si teruna tu orang kate mmg padan la dgn name teruna,,,
patutnya dr awal sampai habis perlu dikekalkan je yang sedia ada..
xde la kucar kacir sgt..
kecian yang sedia ada nak gak merasa kedudukan
xpelah next sem truskan kat bandar anggerik..

hujan mmg panas

ckp la cte pasal keranda,
mmg ak nak masukkan je kedalam keranda..
ckp dah la putar belit,
ngatkan dah besar tu bole gak la jd pembimbing ak rpenye bole jd perosak bangsa adela..
ckp gebang ble suwoh keluar fakta mcm2 la dy ckp.
yg penuh dy ckp hari2
perkapita x taw maksud
samakan malaysia ngan singapura
lbey bek smakan dgn jepun..
pstu taw plak jepun dah maju sebelum tu
prmikiran rakyat malaysia lain dgn jepun
tp mcm sme plak dgn singapura..dah la buat sakit ati je

bak kata si dye,....wat ever la..mak nyah hahahahahahhha....

Monday, 2 March 2009

Bawah pokok pun bole...

sedangkan urusan khalifah dulu juga pernah menyelesaikan isu2 mereka juga dibawah pokok...

kalau nak menuntuk hak kat mana2 pon bole.. x yah la nak tutup permikiran rakyat kalau DUN tutup maka tamatlah kuasa rakyat untuk mencari kebenaran..

permikiran mereka menjadi lebeih teruk..

jgn sampai lepas ni keluar pulak notis untuk tutup PARLIMEN..

takut hilang kuasa punya pasal macam2 diorg buat..

dr awal lagi sudah dijangkakan kuasa POLIS akan digunakan.

kuasa polis tu sebenrnya tak la besar mana pon..

jangan lah pikir sma ada usul tersebut sah atau tidak yang penting sekarang nilai lah usaha kedua2 belah pihak yang mana satu lebih menjurus kepada rakyat MALAYSIA tercinta ini..

kepada semua RAKYAT MALAYSIA ikutilah segala kerja2 terdesak ini kerana selepas ini kamu semua akan rindukan suasana seperti sekarang kerana lepas ni tidak akan ada lagi kerajaan terdesak seperti sekarang.Tuhan itu maha AGong. bukannya agong(sultan) yg lagi agong..